Chess Board Game Reviews

Searching for the perfect chess game can take time and perseverance. If you are a fan and avid player then you might want a board that compliments your style and taste. There is a huge variety of chess games available, from themed board games, to marble to solid wood construction.

Bud rose wood and maple chess board with moulded edge is a classic looking board game. It comes in a beautiful multicoloured wood with molded edges and an extra wide solid black inlay. This board game offers the best in wood quality and color blending. The finest goods and veneers available are integral in this chess game. The board is sealed in polyurethane satin for an extra polished look.

Classic Manna, marble and onyx chess set comes in a 12“ board. This game is a gorges looking model, with an attractive rustic Staunton look. It has exaggerated features and shades of pink blended into the multi-colored board. The bottom of this board is covered in felt and the entire game weights just twelve pounds.

Alamo theme chess set package, is a chess board for anyone who is a fan of the Alamo designs. The pieces are hand painted with felt pads underneath. The board is finished in walnut and maple woods with black inlay. This game is a pleasure to play and look at. The detail that went into the paint is extraordinary.

Civil war chess set II deluxe theme is the ideal game for anyone who is fascinated by the civil war. The kings are represented by presidents such as Lincoln and Jefferson and their wives portray the queens in the game. The pieces are of cast polystone which is a hard durable stone. The details in the paint are integrated to the overall look of the game. The board is made from high quality wood, making this a great chess board to have.

Small archer`s brass set and board package is based on the Greek and Roman cultures and their military conquests. The pawns are represented by a row of arches. The pieces are hand cast in solid zinc and brass and nickel plated. The board is lacquered to prevent tarnishing from occurring. This game truly is something to look at. It looks like a game that would sit on a fancy table in a mansion. It is exquisite to look at and have even as part of a decoration in a home. The shiny finish to the pieces makes it hard to even want to touch, but even that more exciting to play!

Drueke Champion chess boards have been used for more than fifty years. They are made from American walnut and maple woods and feature strong quality wood. This board is reliable, durable and will last a life time.

When choosing a chess game, just take a look at your individual style and taste.

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